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  1. IBR chomodek sheets / colour / blue/ green/ 0.1-0.8mm.
  2. Corrugaled sheets
  3. Carpert gutters
  4. Lipped channels
  5. Flashings
  6. Site measures/ site installation 24/7
  1. Steel fabrication, chutes, hopper
  2. Structural maintanence, platforms, handrails.
  3. Steel pipeline
  4. general construction
  1. Pumps part manufacture (CPL-,G9)(CPL-4E)
  2. Colour plater liner
  3. Throut bush
  4. Impellers
  5. Frame plates liner
  6. Slury pumps, beaterpumps
  7. Booster pumps
  8. pump accessories gland and packing
  9. pumps repairs
  10. refurbishement and tesing pumps

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